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Custom-Tailored Eyewear

Topology moved from a direct to consumer model to selling through optometrists.  Our role was to understand what product changes were necessary as well as deeply understand our new "users" and what would be needed to sell inside of a retail space.


Role: Product Strategist, Research, Design Facilitation


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Designing in-store displays





The future for Autodesk customers 

Autodesk wanted to explore the experience of accessing and managing their software - specifically what the experience could look like by the end of 2020.  We facilitated a five-day design sprint using the Google Ventures framework.


Role: Design sprint facilitation


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Robotic Vacuum

As Ecovacs enters the U.S. market as the number one robotic vacuum company in the world, we were hired to look for opportunities to improve UX for the domestic consumer and understand similarities and differences of cleaning habits inside and outside of the U.S.


Role: UX/Strategy | Research


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To-do app for healthcare

A simple, HIPAA compliant platform for managing clinical tasks as a team


Co-Founder & Head of Product 


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Ad Serving Platform

While Twitter was dreaming of a future five to ten years out, there was a big financial goal they wanted to achieve in the next three.  Understanding that user experience can have a huge impact on revenue, we looked for the greatest opportunities for UX improvements and set a strategy for the near term.


Role: UX/Strategy


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IoT - Connected Home

Connecting customers to IoT devices inside their homes whenever and wherever they were - using any device.


Role: UX |  Visual Design | Copywriting


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IoT - Thermostat

The design of a thermostat which connects to other devices inside the home. 


Role: UX |  Visual Design 


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Internal Customer Care Tool

Prior to redesign, it took 5 weeks to train new customer care reps and 90-120 days to be proficient enough to stop making costly mistakes.


With this redesign, it now takes 1.5 weeks of training and 1 additional week to be proficient.

Role: UX |  Visual Design

National Account Security Monitoring Tool

Centralized system that helps regional security teams monitor the security of multiple commercial locations

Role: UX |  Visual Design


Innovation &

Digital Health Accelerator

Supporting innovations for the purpose of improving pediatric care.

POPP (Prediction of patient placement) provides admission
coordinators with a predictive advanced forecast of upcoming admissions in real-time, allowing bed allocation to begin sooner


Awarded the Microsoft Innovation Award 2018

Role: UX/UI


Data Visualization for Healthcare

Role: UX 

Exploring ways for visually displaying medication and side effect data over time.

Medications. Side Effects. Time.

Which side effect did this patient experience most often and most severely? 

How might we...

Visually show all the procedures a chronically ill patient has had in the last two years?

Demonstrating the power and value of scoop.it thru user experience

Scoop.it is like Pinterest for articles. While it is a valuable tool, their customers didn't "get it".  We designed an interface that educated and showed its value and power each step of the way.

Role: UX 

Tablet interface for wearable pedometer

Kids track their steps wearing a wristband. Steps turn into points - point turn into food packets for severely malnourished children around the world.  


While one population struggles with obesity another is undernourished.


Learn more about this amazing program.

Role: UX 

Marketing Analytics Application

UX design of a predictive marketing application used by large corporations to analyze and predict the efficacy of multi-million dollar advertising budgets across a variety of delivery mechanisms to more effectively spend.

Role: UX 

User Research

Before we can make a product better we need to understand where we're starting - what is working and not working.  Another important aspect of healthcare is understanding workflow and how the product disrupts or follows current workflow.  We interviewed clinicians and their support staff to understand opportunities for improvements.

Role: UX  |  Research

User Research

In order to create a digital sales tool, we started by understand the consumer and identify why people are and are not buying solar today.  This project, like many others, started with research and gaining a deep understanding of the consumer.

Role: UX  |  Research