“If we stay moving in this direction, we will be the Blockbuster

of home security”.


Role: VP of User Experience

Create a vision to help maintain current customers while growing new customer acquisition and market share.  Then, build a product team and set the process needed to execute on the vision.


ADT was losing market share. Experiencing attrition and acquisition problems as current customers canceled service and new customer sign-ups were significantly slowing down. 

Although the company would classify itself as a home security company, ADT is really in the business of professional monitoring.  They do not design or manufacture the products that come with their service. Their core competency is providing peace of mind to people who want human-to-human professional monitoring of their safety and security.


By getting closer to our customers and potential customers we learned the modern consumer craves cutting edge technology at a low cost and the ability to self monitor their security. Companies like Ring, Nest and Amazon already knew this and were flooding the market with products that offered just what the consumer wanted.  ADT had taken its eye off the future.


The company was marketing its services using benefits the new consumer didn't care about.  Inside the company, there was a strong belief that consumers should find value in these benefits. Not only were we not addressing the needs of the customer, but we were also hanging our hat on facts that weren't resonating with the customer at all.  We needed to reinvent our products, services, messaging and ultimately the brand.

Creating a vision

The key to creating a solid vision of the future in a world that is changing so quickly is to understand human behavior and identify leading sociological patterns which would indicate foreshadowing.

We needed to deeply understand our current customer so we spent weeks listening to our customers to understand their experience. 


Then we launched a qualitative study focused on exploring how families are living today and where might security and safety come into play. 


Next we did a competitive landscape study to see what other choices we were competing with.


Last we launched a quantitative study to researched societal trends to learn what was happening across the country generationally.  

Here's what we learned...

  • There are a lot of options in home security

  • Loyalty is an issue - current customers will move to a different provider for as little as a $1/month in savings


  • Families are on the go more then ever and want to feel safe inside and outside of the home


  • More people are controlling IoT devices located in their home while they're on the go

  • People are looking for better integration of all of their devices in the home

  • People want the latest, greatest technology that looks cool in their home


  • People are used to technology improving year- over-year and don't want to be "stuck" with a outdated device 


  • A large portion of our population is renting. Although they may want home security they can't getting locked into a contract.

  • People are moving more often.  The trend indicates people are moving toward cities and away from rural areas.


  • More and more Gen-Xers are caring for aging parents and are concerned about their wellbeing and safety 

How did we use this information?

Because the business process was so deeply ingrained at ADT, the quickest way to get the customer what they craved most was to form partnerships.

First, a partnership with Samsung SmartThings - A DIY starter kit sold at Best Buy and other large retailers with ADT professional monitoring.  Monitored was offered in 30-day increments changing the requirement for three-year contracts. 


The product hit the shelves before Christmas 2017.

Then we created ADT Go

To address the need for security and safety outside the home in partnership with Life360, we created ADT Go which allowed families to keep track of each other outside of the home.  (Including Grandma) The product included an SOS button that could be pressed on any mobile device alerting first responders. 


We integrated with Google Home and Alexa to introduce voice command options for our customers. 

A handful of other partnerships were in the works when I left the company all providing more of what customers wanted providing time for ADT to create the next generation of products.

In my time as the VP of UX at ADT I helped create the vision and executive alignment needed to get the company back on track reducing attrition and increase new customer sign-ups.  I reduced department overhead by $2M+, built a team of 15 and set processes to deliver on our vision.  I lead the experience with all of our partnership products and services and internally lead the redesign of the customer care platform to create a "one agent" experience.  

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