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We see every company and situation as unique. Our custom-tailored consulting engagements are based on deep listening and decades of experience across industries and issues. The solutions we craft are practical, realistic, and highly effective. Thoughtfully guiding, supporting, and motivating multidisciplinary teams to achieve levels of performance they may never have before.



 What does a typical partnership look like? While I customize and tailor an approach for each client, the work often follows a natural human-centered design process. 



Most clients come with a specific need or issue they want assistance with or expertise on.  In many cases, my work often starts with a thoughtful and expertly conducted assessment.  Often this entails interviews, reviewing existing data, experiencing the current product or service.  This allows me to quickly and accurately get a sense of the current state and where you see yourself in the future. Because I work across industries and issues, I’m adept at identifying patterns, roadblocks and unseen tensions.



I am an expert in the exploration of human behavior.  Most research entails sitting with the customer in their environment picking up on behaviors they're unaware of.  These behaviors give us insight into needs we can meet, workflows we can fit within.  Meeting a need your customers aren't even away they have is pure delight!


Opportunities and Alignment

Research will uncover the greatest opportunities and where to spend your time and money.  These opportunities might lead us to an interim state experience - the one that lies between where you are today and where you want to be in the future.  Together we will sort through the opportunities and select those you'd like to move forward on.  Then I help create the materials used to align multidisciplinary teams behind the vision.  Something visual, grounded in research and customer insights that paints a picture that is clear and concise.



Once we understand the needs of your customer, we design.  This comes in many forms and can be tailored to your needs.  I’ve worked with companies that have design teams in which case I might facilitate a design sprint.  Other clients need UX wireframes and design which I am  highly skilled and experienced at.  



With a sound assessment, thorough customer research, biggest opportunities identified, teams in alignment, and a clearly documented plan to move forward I begin delivering the assets needed to get us there.  This can include customer journey maps, process flows, UX wireframes, requirements documentation, strategic presentations, prototypes, or additional customer research.  Whatever you need to help your teams execute on the vision I will deliver.

Starting as an Industrial Designer, my career has been focused on product design and ergonomics.  Moving from the Midwest to the Bay Area over twenty years ago gave me the opportunity to focus on digital products, services, and user experience. 

I am a co-founder of a healthcare startup, have raised funding and seen what it takes to get your first handful of paying customers.  I am the owner of UX consultancy which employed up to 10 designers and worked with some of the biggest brands in the U.S.  I've built and managed teams, held Director and VP level titles, lead design for high stakes projects and created product strategy for billion-dollar companies.

Perhaps even more important, I've worked with many companies, in many industries.  This experience provided me with rich and wide experience working with different team dynamics, different challenges, unique ways of solving problems and more user research then I can keep track of.  I am a master of UX and human behavior.

I bring a thirst for pushing boundaries - of design, technology, and communication.  And a willingness to stop looking at what's been done before and start imagining a truly unique future.




Forward thinking companies I've partnered with

IoT, Social Media/Social Advertising, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, eCommerce/Retail, Software, Banking/Investing, Food and  Entertainment

  • Twitter

  • ADT

  • Protection 1

  • Boston Children's Hospital Innovation

  • Blue Shield of California

  • Hewlett Packard

  • Symantec

  • Cisco

  • MarketShare/Neustar

  • Wells Fargo

  • American Express

  • Charles Schwab

  • Vonage

  • Frontier Communications

  • Macys.com

  • Bloomingdales.com

  • Autodesk

  • StubHub  

  • eBay Tickets

  • GoPro

  • Smith & Hawken

  • The Sharper Image

  • Aspire Public Charter School

  • Scoop.it

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