High-stakes, high-complexity challenges warrant help from a trusted partner

We see every company and situation as unique. Our custom-tailored consulting engagements are based on deep listening and decades of experience across industries and issues. The solutions we craft are practical, realistic, and highly effective. Thoughtfully guiding, supporting, and motivating multidisciplinary teams to achieve levels of performance they may never have before.



 We are researchers, product designers, strategists, and data scientists.  Experts in the exploration of human behavior.  Masters of our craft.  Combining elements of science and design.  Creatives and strategists.  No matter what the challenge, we have an expert one degree away and a solid A-Team that is deeply experienced and polished.


Collaboration and seeing things from different viewpoints and experiences is what makes our team and the work we do exceptional.  We are a team of up to ten which grows and shrinks depending on the needs of our clients and the specialties their projects require. 

Left to right: Sam Lopez, Visual Designer/UI, Virginia Rath, Researcher, Ph.D., Keather Roemhildt, Founder, User Experience Design & Product Strategy

Working with us

While we customize and tailor an approach for each client, the work often follows a natural human-centered design process. 

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    Most clients come with a specific need or issue.  Our work starts with a thoughtful and expert assessment.  Interviews, reviewing existing data, experiencing the current product or service.  This allows us to quickly and accurately get a sense of the current state and where you see the company in the future. 

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    We're experts in the exploration of human behavior.  We pick up on behaviors your customers may not even be unaware of.  This gives us insight into needs we can meet, workflows we can fit within.  Meeting a need your customers aren't even away they have is pure delight!

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    Together we sort through opportunities and select those we know are high value to your customer and you'd like to move forward on.  We help create the materials used to align multidisciplinary teams behind a vision that is grounded in research and customer insights.

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    We work with companies that have design teams and companies which don't.  We are masters at taking the lead on design or collaborating with internal teams to create an outcome that meets the needs our customers have.

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    We deliver the assets needed to get your team from where you are today to the vision of the future.  This can include customer journey maps, process flows, UX wireframes, requirements documentation, strategic presentations, prototypes, or additional customer research.  

Forward-thinking companies we've partnered with

IoT, Social Media/Social Advertising, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, eCommerce/Retail, Software, Banking/Investing, Food and  Entertainment

  • Twitter

  • ADT

  • Protection 1

  • Boston Children's Hospital Innovation

  • Blue Shield of California

  • Hewlett Packard

  • Symantec

  • Cisco

  • MarketShare/Neustar

  • Wells Fargo

  • American Express

  • Charles Schwab

  • Vonage

  • Frontier Communications

  • Macys.com

  • Bloomingdales.com

  • Autodesk

  • StubHub  

  • eBay Tickets

  • GoPro

  • Smith & Hawken

  • The Sharper Image

  • Aspire Public Charter School

  • Scoop.it

Why it's important to hire an outside consultancy to focus

on product strategy & UX. 

Even (and especially) if you have an internal design team.

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